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In this “music theory and practice” class, we will study the fundamentals of rhythm by breaking it down, starting with the downbeat and the upbeat (the wave), from which all other rhythms are derived. We will utilize simple and fun movements and coordination exercises such as: stomping, clapping and singing. We will work in the two most important rhythms: the 2’s and the 3’s (e.g., polkas and waltzes) and develop from there to more advanced rhythms, including double time, half time and “dotted” notes.


This class is a must for any student of music, playing any instrument. It provides a clear understanding of the building blocks of rhythm, both intellectually and physically. Beginners are welcome as are more experienced music students that have challenges in the area of rhythm and coordination. Lessons will take place in small groups of 2-4 students.


NOTE:  This item is a request for a package of 30-minute rhythm lessons but does not guarantee placement and will show up in your basket as a $0 item. Please specify a preferred day.


COST:  A DASEP staff member will contact you to arrange scheduling and payment if your child is selected for these lessons (in order of sign up). The cost will then depend on the number of students per lesson


  • Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth