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In this action-packed class, students will learn the fundamentals of basketball like dribbling, shooting, defense and so much more! In addition to drills to develop and improve your skills, you will play basketball mini games. Kids will also get the chance to play some of their other favorite sports throughout the session including dodgeball, soccer, kickball and others. If you love basketball and other sports and games, this will be a great class for you! We will emphasize leadership and teamwork, giving players of all skill levels the ability and confidence to improve their game in a fun, low stress environment.


At the end of each class, we will discuss current events in sports, learn the importance of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle, and reinforce in-class learning using age-appropriate sports cards and prizes. This class is a fun way to be active, learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, and make new friends!


Note:  Participants should wear sneakers and comfortable clothes.