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One of the most rewarding experiences as a music student is to put into practice all your knowledge and hard work from instrument lessons. Music truly comes alive when playing with other musicians and creating an ensemble unit or band to play together a complete song. In this class, we will learn the principles of ensemble playing and developing deep listening skills. With practice, students will develop a sense of awareness of the other players, what they create, and how to assemble together the parts from different instruments in real time, such as drums, guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. We will learn about and use the dynamics and sound quality of the instruments, the study of “song form,” internalizing the melody as the main “compass”, and a variety of other techniques. We will start with simple songs and chord progressions providing a clear foundation to build upon. Then, we will explore some elements of music improvisation and soloing.


Three Prerequisites:


  • Ability of students to play their particular instrument on an intermediate level, where they can perform basic melodies and chords (for pianist or guitarist) and basic beats (for drummers).

  • An audition is required for proper placement with other students at similar levels of experience.

  • Minimum of two and maximum of four students per ensemble. 


NOTE:  This item is a request for a package of 60-minute ensemble lessons/practice sessions but does not guarantee placement and will show up in your basket as a $0 item. Please specify preferred day.


COST:  A DASEP staff member will contact you to arrange scheduling and payment if your child is selected for these lessons (in order of sign up). The cost will then be:


  • $___ for a package of 14 ensemble lessons (Tuesdays)
  • $___ for a package of 13 ensemble lessons (Thursdays)