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The drum set is one of the most fun yet challenging instruments to play, due to the need to master intricate coordinations. In this class we will study proper basic hand techniques, including the bounce, rudiments, press rolls, etc.,  as we learn to play drums or advance our techniques.

We will cover the most universal beats and coordinations to understand and perform a wide variety of ethnic styles of music. Lastly, we will explore the instrument in the context of music improvisation and soloing. Beginners as well as experienced drum students are welcome!

Requirement: Drums sticks (model 5A recommended) and a practice pad.



This item is a request for a package of private, 30-minute lessons but does not guarantee placement and will show up in your basket as a $0 item. Please specify your preferred day.


COST: A DASEP staff member will contact you to arrange scheduling and payment if your child is selected for these lessons (in order of sign up). The cost will then be:

• $600 for a package of 12 private lessons (Mondays)

• $700 for a package of 14 private lessons (Tuesdays) 

• $650 for a package of 13 private lessons (Thursdays).



  • Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth

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